Museum Rooms

Experience the enchantment of Dia De Muertos with our immersive exhibit, where vibrant light effects and evocative pre-Columbian music transport you through the rich tapestry of this cherished tradition’s intricate history. Each room is a treasure trove of handmade Mexican art. Our journey begins in the “History Room,” offering a comprehensive introduction to Dia de Muertos, tracing its evolution over time.

Continuing our exploration, you’ll find the tranquil “Chapel,” a space that beautifully embodies the Christian underpinnings of Dia de Los Muertos while paying homage to departed souls. Step into the “Simple House Indigenous Ofrenda Room,” a heartfelt tribute to the indigenous roots of this celebration.

In the “Authentic Mexican Toy Gallery Room,” you’ll be captivated by an array of traditional Mexican toys, showcasing the rich cultural heritage of the region. The “Ofrenda Explanation Room” provides insightful details on the significance and elements of ofrendas, guiding you through the symbolism and rituals.

Experience the haunting beauty of the “Llorona Video Musical Performance Room,” where a soul-stirring video performance brings this iconic folklore to life. Finally, our “Ofrenda Gallery Room” houses 13 unique ofrendas, each a work of art, accompanied by the “Mexico Experience” video that provides a deeper insight into the traditions and artistry behind them.

Join us on this immersive journey through Dia De Muertos, where history, culture, and art unite to tell a compelling story.