Educational & Fun

Within our exhibit, a series of informative videos will unravel the intricate layers of Dia de Muertos, delving into its historical roots, the significance of ofrendas (altars), and how this vibrant tradition thrives in modern times. As you journey through our museum, you’ll gain a profound understanding of the evolution of Dia de Muertos into its contemporary form.

Additionally, you’ll be moved by an emotive video performance of the hauntingly beautiful song “La Llorona.” This artistic rendition promises to touch your soul.

Stepping into our ofrendas gallery, you have the choice to further enrich your experience by viewing our “Discover Mexico” video on our expansive screen, which celebrates the diverse and exquisite heritage of Mexico, extending far beyond the realm of Dia de Muertos. Each video segment offers a captivating exploration, with a runtime of up to 40 minutes. Feel free to skip any segment at your own pace, as this is a self-guided tour. To fully savor the richness of our museum, we recommend allocating a minimum of one hour.