Throughout your visit you will see carved statues, masks, or furniture.  All these pieces are hand chiseled from a larger piece of wood to take the artist’s vision form.  The correct pieces of wood are chosen for their grain, softness, color and size.  This sample is a large wall shelf which is comprised of the top panel and bottom angel face decoration.  You can appreciate the angles’ details as they seem to float in the air.

The difficulty of carving larger pieces, such as this, is getting the raw materials to finish out the vision of the artist. Larger wood trunks or blocks are more difficult to find. Once a large enough piece is acquired, then the artist has to deal with the differing hardness of the wood within the same piece. This can be troublesome because half way through the carving process a part within the wood will not hold form or firmness. This could affect the whole project. Multiple pieces of wood can also make up a larger piece and the artist will put them together like a puzzle.

However, the whole trunk or block pieces are pricier because of their rarity and difficulty to make. Small pieces like the wooden alebrijes are much easier to put together and a lot of them are softer wood which they can find in their yard from the fallen tree branches.