This tibor piece is a sample of the many that has given our Mexican artists international fame for its exquisite elaboration and process. Manufacturing can last up to 3 months for one piece:  beginning with hand molding of the red clay; curing it; firing in a kilm (heat up to 1800 F.); the design is outlined; painted over.  Finally, it is fired a second time so that the paint remains permanent, and you can appreciate the vibrant color and shine of these majestic pieces.

The ceramic is all hand painted. Just like a painting on canvas, it is meticulously designed and then covered with a special paint that is pastel colored at first. Once the ceramic piece totally covered with paint then it is fired one last time that turns the paint to a vibrant color like the tile piece sample below.

The origination of this type of art derives from a Spanish town called Talavera de La Reina in Europe. The know how was imported to Mexico by the Spanish conquistadors and is now famously renowned as Mexican art. Even though that in Spain this art is still called “Ceramica”, it called “Talavera” in Mexico for its historic origination.