There is a large variety of embroidery styles throughout the Mexican Republic. The majority of them are hand woven or machine woven. The more intricate pieces are hand crocheted or knitted with varying techniques. Even though technological advancements have helped with the amount of time it takes to finish a piece, most artist still choose to hand weave or knit their art because this is how they were taught and how tradition dictates. These textiles include dresses, blouses, skirts, shirts, guayaberas, rebozos, jackets, vests, belts, sashes, table runners, table covers, blankets, pillow covers, curtains, cup coasters, rag dolls, ornaments, small stuffed animals and the list goes on. Most of these items you can find in our Fiesta At North Star galleries.

Depending on the complexity of the design and size, one piece can last up to 6 months to make by hand. There are stories of artisans lasting a whole lifetime and not even finishing their work. These special pieces are cherished by the families and are even continued by the next generation. On the other hand you can find industrialized pieces such as the sarape blankets that are manufactured by the hundreds in days. You can appreciate the time it takes with the correlating costs of the pieces.