Las Ofrendas or the offerings are one of the most important elements of Dia de Muertos.  They are altars used to commemorate deceased loved ones with all the physical things that they enjoyed while alive.  During November 1st (all saints day) and 2nd (all souls day) the spirits of our loved ones visit the ofrendas and enjoy all the items placed on them. The ofrendas are usually started one month before November 2nd.   

The deceased love one’s favorite food, drink, music, habits, clothing are just a couple of the personal elements placed on an altar. There are also ritualistic elements that represent the four natural elements (earth, fire, water, and wind). Samples of these elements are seeds or grains placed in an ofrenda is a type of earth element. Candles or incense is the fire element. Glass of water placed for the deceased to quench their thirst while traveling back to earth is the water element. Papel Picado or paper cut outs are represent wind as they are move by it.