La Llorona (Weeping Woman) is a folktale with varying stories.  One of the origin narratives takes place in the year 1519 AD… An indigenous slave named “Malintzin” (in Nahuatl) is gifted to the conquistadores.  The nonnative speakers call her “La Malinche.”

Hernan Cortes took possession of her and became his translator, adviser, and intermediary when encountering native tribes.  She became a key asset for the successful conquest of the Aztecs and other native Americans. 

To advance her own interests, she betrayed her native people and brought doom to her culture and way of life.  She was fully aware of the consequences her willingness to help would cause.

During her travels with Cortes, she bore him a son, Martin, who is one of the first mestizos in Mexico.  However, Cortes took her child and left her. 

The unbearable pain of losing a child and the realization of her treachery towards her people made her weep for the rest of her days.  This song is an emotional representation of her regret, sorrow, and loss.