Bienvenidos a Su Museo

We want to extend our most cordial welcome to your Dia De Los Muertos Museum. Thank you for joining us and wanting to learn more about our unique Mexican Heritage. We created this experience with the hope of demonstrating and exhibiting Mexico’s beautiful culture. We had many avenues and cultural events to choose from to exhibit Mexico, but our efforts were concentrated in the yearly celebration of Dia de Muertos because it is one the few Mexican commemorations that dig deep into Mexico’s soul and is directly linked to its pre-columbian history. Dia de Muertos’ history coincides in parallel to the history of how the modern nation of Mexico was born.

To fully understand Dia de Muertos we will venture to unexpected worldwide regions and go back in time thousands of years. We hope that after experiencing the museum you will leave with a much better understanding of Mexico’s soul and view Dia de Muertos not just as an eccentric ritual, but a celebration not only of the dead but for Mexico’s living people, its art, and its heritage.

By living in San Antonio, by celebrating Dia de Muertos, or by even experiencing our exhibits you are becoming part of Dia de Muertos’ history too. Your ticket entry and art purchases at our galleries help keep the tradition alive by sponsoring Mexico’s 400+ artisans that our company works with. This is your museum, your history, your heritage so please learn, share, and patronize. We thank you again for your continued patronage and we hope you have a great revolutionary experience!

Museum History

We have spent more than 30 years gathering and creating this wonderful experience to enrich people’s understanding of the yearly event of Dia De Muertos and of Mexico’s cultural heritage. Most of the art in the Museum’s exhibits has been curated as a private collection for more than three decades; however it was determined by the owners that the collection and works of art should be shared with the world for the goal of trying to promote and help the artists’ continue their craft.

As mentioned, the idea had been brewing for a while, even before Fiesta At North Star (our current Museum’s location) was opened in 2017. In fact, the idea of creating a museum originated in 2011. However, our space at our Fiesta On Main location on N. Main Ave. was too small to house both a store and museum. So the search began to located a much larger location to house the project. Finally in 2016, the space at 102 W. Rector St. (Across from North Star Mall) was found, and it was perfect fit.

Three year later, the museum was opened in August of 2020. However, it was soft-opened due to COVID-19 safety protocols. Despite the challenges we have had, thousands of visitors have already gone up to our second floor and learned about Dia de Los Muertos and have helped us propagate Mexican culture throughout the world.

Museum Purpose

Unfortunately, over the decades, we have noticed many Mexican artist and their families have turned away from their craft due to economic, political, or generational cultural gaps. Unfortunately, the art “know-how” dies along with this cultural heritage gap and the art is lost forever. To prevent Mexican hand made art (and other Latin American art) from disappearing it is important to preserve, curate, and display it to the public so it can be appreciated for generations. However, the bigger purpose for displaying the art is to help the living artist continue their “know-how” and pass the knowledge to the next generation. Hopefully, when you see the beautiful art displayed in our exhibits you will also like to display it in your home, office, or place of business. The living artists need to be able to survive by selling their art and crafts and we can help them accomplish this by buying their work.

Museum Experience

The museum is meant to be a self-toured, one way path experience; beginning with the History Rooms, going around in a circle ending with our Fiesta On Main Gallery exit which will be exactly the same point where you started but in opposite flight of stairs.

Interactive Experience

Throughout the museum will will have QR codes that will link to more information with a more detailed information about the items or rooms you are seeing. Please have your phones ready for the interactive experience.